Friday, July 24, 2009

A treasure under every rain bow

We enjoyed a river boat activity with the local Branch of members

many big rivers in Russia, industry is a big part of their economy
this is in Tomsk

the rivers are wide and long, they run from the south to the north, very active all the time

day before transfers, another group says goodbye, it is a bitter sweet, we get to know so many great young people, then we say goodbye as they head to new area's or home.

the eternal flame, reperesents Russia's victory day , war with Hittler

trying to find that perfect hat,

Ladies take a walk in lake Biakal, it's average temp is 34 degrees in the summer

the south end of lake Biakal ,

big country with big swings

Rivers are big and active. This is in Irkutsk

Typical country side in most of Siberia

They say a pictures says a Thousand words, I thought this one told of a life time of experience

Lenena, It is in Ulana Uda, you can see it from a jet as you fly at 20000 feet

the only wild animals we have seen in this part of Siberia, they say they are more north and east of us. To many hungry people in the south and center I guess

Monistary in Ulana Uda, Buddist

say a prayer and hang a rag, the prayer will keep repeating as the rag waves in the wind

the country is a little dryer and sandy on the East side of Lake Biakal and the mountain , many prayer sent from this area

typical village along another small river, leading to a bigger river

this is a veiw you see about any wheres we have gone in Siberia in late June and July

We have been here long enough to say good bye to our mission president, they have a tie cutting ceremony, they take all the ties from the missionarys and make a quilt .

There are about 75 missionary's that take part in this tradition, they say it makes a nice quilt , a way of reflection and bringing back some great memories I suppose

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Riga was a great place to visit, Old Buildings, relaxed atsmosphere, the city was very clean and neat, the people were laid back and friendly, the country side out away from the city was very enjoyable to drive thru, many picturest settings.
as you can see from the pictures. there is a variety of things to see and enjoy. The city is very tight and crowded with the buildings, but you do not feel like you are boxed in. very relaxing to walk around and absorb. Many old war time structure's that have been renevated.

We went to a 3 hour Opera, it was very well done and the Theater was very beautifully inside and out. they even had english caption above the stage for us that did not know Latvian.

River front views as we took a river boat ride

many different roof lines, old buildings from war time's

quiet country side settings, fields of mustard seed

Duke castles and gardens

There are lots of storks in Riga
If they build a nest around your
yard ,it is good luck. if they build
it on your house, someone in your house hold will die
they like to let them build them
any where's except on the house

many old paintings through out the old castles